Removing from platform on Up +2

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Removing from platform on Up +2

Post by CC34CC » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:52 pm

Hi All,

Not sure if i'm posting this in the correct place but I have a question about if people what after a print is finished before removing from the platform.

I'm currently printing an end for a mold which is more or less a block with a revolution cutout in it and another cutout for an o-ring. Everything seems to be OK with most of the tolerance sizes but I'm having the small issue of a little warp.

The warp is not happening with the part wanting to peal away from the board, I have excellent adhesion to the board this is never a problem since I made sure I preheated the board for 30mins before.

My warp is happening parallel to the board.

Anyway my question is is it best to remove the part from the platform as soon as the print is finished and let it cool on its own. Or is it best to remove the platform from the printer and let the part and platform cool together, and then remove the part.

Interested to know what other people are doing.


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