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The max distance of the z-axis .

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:21 pm
by friend76930
"Hi all,
My Printer is "UP! PLUS 1"
After I initialize, the max distance of the z-axis is only 132.2mm.
There is still some distance between the nozzle and the platform,
so now it cannot print anymore.
Can anyone help me explain why this is happening?"

Thanks in advance.

Re: The max distance of the z-axis .

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:32 am
by Tiertime-Edward
Hi Alen,

Here below is a paragraph from User's Manual, please see if you can set a suitable nozzle height.

" It is only possible to move the nozzle to 1 mm higher than the height recorded in the “Print” screen. If, for example, the nozzle height in the “Print” screen is set to 130mm, you will only be able to move the nozzle up to 131mm in the “Maintenance” screen. This maximum value is indicated by the “Max” value shown in the platform and nozzle line of the “Maintain” screen.

If you are having problems adjusting the nozzle height in the “Maintenance “ screen because it will not go high enough, close the “Maintenance” screen, open the “Print” screen, and set the nozzle height to 140mm (for example). Then go back to the “Maintenance” screen and continue with your nozzle height adjustments. In addition, you can also fill a large value in blank “To” in “Maintenance”, then click “Set nozzle height”, the platform height will be set as this value."

After you set a larger height and you are able to move the platform higher, please move the platform slowly like by 0.1mm in case the nozzle knock the platform.