Prints failing - sends failing since 1.19?

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Prints failing - sends failing since 1.19?

Post by roller » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:39 pm

Ok, it might be a big coincidence but since connecting to my printer with 1.19 and it wiped my height settings I have done about 10 prints and 80% of them have issues.

- I could never get a print to send with 1.19 once I reset all my height settings - all I got was crazy fast flashing light when it tried to send
- went to use 1.18 and it was broken by 1.19 install
- went back to Mac OSX and used 1.4 and my print ended up with a bit of the previous failed print from 1.19 on it (printed immediately after)
- got a good print
- got a print with the nozzle parked on top of the print at the end - with the fast flashing of the light
- got got a good print
- got a print with the last print starting on top (stopped it manually as it was colliding horribly)
- same again
- print froze mid print with crazy flashing light
- got another print with print starting on top

and so it continued.

Ran up another copy of 1.18 on another OS and had the same experience as 1.4 - it prints but with issues.
Installed 1.19 on this new OS and get fast flashing light on send again (both OSes WinXP patched up to date.

Run UpInspector
- SD test OK
- Read printer parameters - height was ok but next screen says Error Code 003, Can't Read Printer Param from Computer & Printer

Help, anyone?

I twice had models printing on top of other models about 6 months ago when I first got my printer and I think that was actually on the previous printer (a Mini instead of my Plus) ... but maybe it was this printer ... either way it hasn't been seen in the 6 months since.

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