UP! Plus 2 questions

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UP! Plus 2 questions

Post by Nomansland » Thu May 31, 2018 9:29 am

Hi everyone!
New here (have been meaning to join to post this for a good 12 months, the procrastination is real)

I purchased an UP! Plus 2 at an auction that didn’t have any of its accessories etc, and I’m not sure if it’s fully functioning.
I’d really appreciate it if I might pick your brains!
I think there are some parts missing by looking at the instruction diagrams online.
It powers on and connects to software. It looks a little crooked to me though.
Without all the various parts I haven’t ventured into buying some filament to test it yet but if some of the lovely folks here might be able to give some advice to an absolute newbie then it’d be really appreciated.

Anything you can see that’s missing?
(Troll away if you like, I know absolutely nothing and I feel like a bit of a fool for asking but hey!)
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