Any views on Duplicator 4 plus.

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Any views on Duplicator 4 plus.

Post by mr6k » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:46 pm

I have been using an Up Plus for the past several years and with slight modifications have found it a great printer for ABS, Ninjaflex etc. all except PLA, which I will not use anyway as most of my parts are for engineering and I found PLA to brittle, goes "soggy" ar low Temperatures and is a nightmare to print, in my humble opinion.
I was recently lucky enough to be given an almost new Duplicator 4 plus (with just one extruder). I am just weening myself onto Gcode etc using ReplicatorG. I have been printing ABS, cheap stuff, at 230 degrees extruder 100 degrees platform and it seems to give good results at 0.3mm Z Axis layering.
It does not have a PLA cooling channel, but as I won't be using PLA that does not matter.

Have any of you people out there used a Duplicator 4 plus, if so what are your views of it compared to the UP Plus.



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