UP! Mini (and Plus) cheapo plug-in temp mod.

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UP! Mini (and Plus) cheapo plug-in temp mod.

Post by stormychel » Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:19 am

I made this cheapo plug-in temp mod as a quick fix for myself while waiting for parts for something more advanced. It will not win any design awards, but it works and is very light-weight. It has connectors so there is no need to cut your original cables. Plug&play. It has 2 switches, a main one, which allows printing with the default temperatures, and a second one to choose between -10 (think PLA) or -32 degrees C. People who need a quick failsafe way to lower their extruder temp by either 0, 10 or 32 degrees can get it for 12,99 euros). This price is mainly parts, electricity, and a little extra in case one fails the test and needs to be rebuilt, I just want to help people out with a quick fix. People who buy one will get 10% off if they buy the later version (this will be thumbwheel controllable in 10 degrees steps and come in a case. Shipping is (all in euros) : Belgium - 0.77 / Europe - 3,51 / World - 4,17). I can ship the day after you order one (do this stuff at night). Payment by PayPal, to protect us both.

I can also make extra/custom temp drops at little or no extra cost.
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