ColorFabb Woodfill available in Australia

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ColorFabb Woodfill available in Australia

Post by wilsonj » Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:59 pm

We now have the ColorFabb woodfill in stock, as well as the laywoo-d3 material.
I've enjoyed printing with the laywood ever since it came out, but even with a printed spool it can be a pain, and its so brittle it breaks easily if caught.

Enter Woodfill! What I love most about it is it comes on a reel! Yay! and the reel fits the stock holder on the UP machines, so no need for modifications. It is also less brittle, so easier to handle, cheaper and doesn't need any temperature mods. Just print on standard PLA settings with the wind barrier open. (mainly to blow that nice smell of wood around the room!)

Laywoo-d3 is still the best option if you want to create wood ring effects by adjusting temperature during printing. Woodfill is a lighter shade and doesn't change colour with temperature. ... 5-lbs.html

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