Thinking of Selling Up 2 Plus (AUS/VIC)

Anything you like to buy, sell, offer, or hire from the fellow Uppers?
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Thinking of Selling Up 2 Plus (AUS/VIC)

Post by hoek67 » Thu May 23, 2019 10:44 am

Got myself an Ender 3 and upgraded it to use a 32 bit board. I had plans to also upgrade the Up to new board and firmware as it would have still been cheaper than the 32 bit CPU on offer and would allow me to use Simplify 3D or anything as a slicer. I've since decided just to have 1 printer and max out modifications.

I'd rather someone use it than it sitting in the workshop doing nothing all day as it's still a very capable and decent printer for small accurate parts.

I have the original box for packing and have quite a few custom spools made for it.

Only ever used ABS on it and it's probably only printed 3-4 1KG spools at the most since I bought it.

Would be looking at $325 + cost of postage.

:shock: This would also suit for spare parts (even though working) as a replacement motherboard alone is more.

It has a as the print head which was printed on the printer. Quite a complex 1 piece part that it printed VERY well.

If interested let me know and I can take some more photos.

Picture of it in my $2 enclosure.

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Re: Thinking of Selling Up 2 Plus (AUS/VIC)

Post by gholland » Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:56 pm

Hey mate,

Where in Vic are you? I'd be interested as I already have one and a second could be cool.....

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