Few procedural models printed using my Up2

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Few procedural models printed using my Up2

Post by blempereur » Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:18 pm

I've spend a lot of time regarding the printing of procedural generated modeling. As it's my speciality, the possibility to pass from virtual world to reality was a nightmare for me.
Here is a part of my actual reasearch in this domain:

This was my first lamp printed. The algo is a simple knn and i've blured the geo in a volume space before to convert it back in polygon.

The second lamp is made using similar procedural structure except that it's not generated using knn but recursive voronoi pattern. My first goal was to generat much more complicated structure but it was a nightmare to solify and made it printable. I've got problems on different lamp where i couldn't getout the support structure without destroying the model.

Here is a little test of making vase. My first model was not precise enought and i had leaks :) Such shapes print relativly well and the result is good.

Here are my 2 first objects. A pen holder and a soap holder. I've printed about 10 of each for friends and neighbor at different scale. It's a simple voronoi procedure but people like them. I've put them on Thingiverse:

Another lamp. It's a simple cube generation using my Cleaver toolbox, on of my procedural tool:
Again a lot of issues. Printed 4 times before it works.

One last lamp for today. A voronoi cell cube. I've spend a month writing tool to automatise the generation of such geometrie. The quality looks bad because i've printed it in little. Again, a lot of printing before it works.

Thanks for watching :)

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Re: Few procedural models printed using my Up2

Post by mec949 » Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:08 am

Wow, some of those look really cool, nicely done.
I have had alot of problems trying to print voronoi on the Up plus 2
What were the exact settings you used to print the voronoi, especially the finer structures

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