Heavy duty cigarette case

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Heavy duty cigarette case

Post by MadeInGermany » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:25 pm

Here is a solution for smokers doing outside activities: The heavy-duty cigarette case.

You can put the case into your pocket to carry your cigarettes whithout having these damanged even if you are in rough environments.
I tested the case on downhill activities. The case was in my pants but the case and the cigarettes kept in healty condition.

The case has space for 27 cigarettes.

One feature is that the case consists of 3 compartments. Each compartment can be filed with up to 9 cigarettes. So even if the case is not completly filled the cigarettes will not kick around the case - which is a problem of the plastic big boxes which you can by at the tobacco stores.

This is how it looks like:
HeavyDutyCigaretteCase_small.jpg (230.34KiB)Viewed 6057 times
It's a BIG box:
Screenshot.png (36.42KiB)Viewed 6057 times
The case consists of 2 parts. Please print them seperately and "click" them together carefully. I've used ABS.

For those folks out there who need such kind of case and have an Up! printer at home, here is the construction and the STL- files.
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