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Post by JuliaDee » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:41 am

I bought one of these for my niece, who is an aspiring photographer: ... p?ref=live

It is far and away the best print quality I've ever seen from an Afinia. I don't know what tricks this guy uses, but he is good!
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Re: Beastgrip

Post by amd-tec » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:33 pm

Here`s some tip`s he gave me when I asked about enclosure and print quality.
Hope this help a bit :).

"That's basically just a regular enclosure, but i also added fans for each motor and temperature sensors (also on each motor) with CPU fan controller. (this way i can monitor temp on each motor, plus inside of the chamber). I am able to get temp inside of chamber up to 55C, it's almost completely eliminate warping issue, i had no single failure print for a really long time. I am planning to post some details about it on my tumblr bit later, right now i just have no time for this. You may check out this enclosure from Octave ... _info.html The representative told me it's prevent warping really good, but i never tried it, so i can't tell. Plus this company has extruder temp. switches, i got one, works great with 3rd parties filament!
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BTW, how is the quality to compare with Zortrax?

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