Jet Engine by Xena

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Jet Engine by Xena

Post by hacksaw » Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:13 am

hay all

so i thought ide create a build log this time, it will be my first attempt at one of these mainly because there isnt any instructions on this build, so i thought it might help some people out! p.s apologizes for my piss poor grammar and spelling.
i have a bit of experience in larger builds but not in making build logs here is what ive done so far

so first issue i have is my work only has the UP! mini but never fear our sister store in MT isa has the plus! so i had to our source the only part witch can not be printed on the mini (Front_fan_blades.stl) but all other parts can be printed on the mini.

second issue i came across was for some reason i was have the parts lifting and the fan blades where contacting the extrudeder head or no support materiel was getting printed under some parts are all. i did preheat the panal and i made sure the platform was calibrated but still had the issue.

so i made a phone call and was told i had to change the support materiel angle higher to allow it to print under the blades that where sticking out and that seemed to sort the issue.

so over the corse of the last 2 days ive managed to print all but the main fan and today ive started on the casing!


feck..... so i was printing off peaces of the housing and i found this...

so i printed rear_housing.stl and rear_housing_bearingcap.stl

and i found this...

then i made sure im not retarded and the cad is actulie incorrect

i dont think it will matter because its just the hole for the shaft, the outer diameter for the bearing looks ok i think all ill need it a little bit of super glue


todays progress is i managed to finish printing the rest of the pain housing

and tits ahh i mean front and rear nose cones

then it was assembly time i was luckey that i didnt get much flex when i printed it so i was able to clamp it to the bench with some super glue and it came out really good

just waiting for the outer cowling witch is printing as we speak and the front fan to arrive from mt isa then i can get the bearings and shaft and start final assembly!

last updated 6/9/13
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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by Winstonc » Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:57 pm

One I havel almost finished.

image.jpg (197.1 KiB) Viewed 21483 times

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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by mb20music » Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:20 pm

Amazing, nice work!

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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by hacksaw » Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:34 am

ok so ive printed 90% of the pieces i need all thats missing now is the front low compressor fan
managed to find all the bearings i needed it was a bit of a mission apprently there are some odd sizes in there, had to go to about 3 different shops to find the correct ones
got a bit bored today with my day off so i decided to give it a lick of paint, when i was reading the warning i found some thing rather strange

and this is where im at now 12/9/13

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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by Numonic » Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:04 pm

Looks great! would love to see a video of it with all the components moving.

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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by hacksaw » Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:04 am

its done!

finally got the up plus from mt isa and started the 10 hour print!

two things i drew up to aid with the assembly, i noticed there was a decent gap between the front 3 compressor fans and i was unable to locate the 22 mil aluminum pipe required for the high presser compressor fans

fan spacers.

high pressure compressor shaft.

final assembly time!

it will make a nice addition to the display in our shop until that it some monkey brakes it :-/

also here is the cads for the fan spacers and high pressure shaft i made up
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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by wackojacko » Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:45 am

You have an excellent display now!

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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by Plastifier » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:02 am

Where to get the grey and blue plastic fittings, switch and regulators?


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Re: Jet Engine by Xena

Post by cj7hawk » Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:26 pm

Very nice, very impressive :)


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