Love my UP :)

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Love my UP :)

Post by rural1 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:39 am

Hi All - thought I would just let everyone how much I love my Mini UP - I was making a complaint the other day on a forum about my Telco - I had a quick look at all my posts and realised I come across on the Forum as a winging complaining vindictive person :twisted:

I just really go to forms to complain when something goes wrong and rarely being positive and nice when things go

My Mini up is now over 4 months old - its coming up to the 25kg anniversary and has never let me down (apart from that pesky "Motion - SD card" gremlin that pops in every now and then :roll: .

This little printer has done more in 4 months in designing of prototypes than we have done in 4 years - its so good that in about a month we are going to release a new product based on the working prototypes made by the Mini UP, yes time has come to invest 30k on injection moulding tools - the good thing it we know 100% that its going to work.

At this rate I feel sure we will be getting a mate for the Mini UP and then they can make beautiful music together (you know the tunes they make when printing) - the other reason is I would be stuck without it.

My philosophy to getting the younger generation back on track "Every Kid should spend 5 hrs a week making something with a Mini UP, instead of spending 20 hrs killing or destroying something in a RPG game" Just think bring imagination alive - not killing something in cyberspace :D

Go to go the Mini UP has just finshed another job (poor things been working all night on this one "6 hrs")

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Re: Love my UP :)

Post by JuliaDee » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:15 pm

Very similar to my experience with the full-sized Up. Speeded up development and prototyping tremendously, and the product is in production now with injection-molded and die-cast parts, shipping to stores Soon.

I second your comment about kids and RPG's, bravo.


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