Noob from Hampshire uk

New user in this forum can introduce yourself here. Pictures of new UP Printer, fresh prints from UP Printer, and more.
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Noob from Hampshire uk

Post by HKGBoy » Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:42 am

Hi guys and gals,

I actually thought I had done this but obviously I haven't - My bad- anyways, I am Chris and from Yateley in Hampshire, I was lucky enough to be given and Up! mini by a friend I helped out with a few things. So I am just learning the rope and messing with different prints etc.. I have had more successful print than failed ones (beginners luck!?) so far but am finding that the aftermarket filaments I am using a bit more challenging. So have installed the amazing software mod on my laptop and will play around with that.. It's such a shame the Mac version of the software doesn't look quite so 'pretty' as the windows one does and it crashes a lot more. Still hopefully they will concentrate on the Mac version soon,

Anyways hi again and expect silly questions to start flying if the search function doesn't turn up the goods or my Google Fu isn't working.


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