yet another UP! mini user from Germany

New user in this forum can introduce yourself here. Pictures of new UP Printer, fresh prints from UP Printer, and more.
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yet another UP! mini user from Germany

Post by detorice » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:06 am

Hi all,

here is another UP! mini user from Germany (AGAIN!) :)

I want so say hello to the community. I'm new to 3D printing. The UP! mini is my first 3D printer. I bought it from eBay (used).

There was no start filament in the package, so i bought my first filament on eBay, too (a third party ABS from HERZ). I never used original ABS from pp3dp.

Because of the third party filament and no experience in 3d printing there were many problems i'd to handle for me (the filament was bad quality (instead of 1,75mm 2mm filament size for example), massive warping etc.))

After a while now, ich got some pieces out of the printer, which are useable, but they are bad quality.

I keep trying to get better results (software temp mod, perhaps platform heat mod etc.). I also got sample packs of filament from different filament shops to give it a try.

It's not easy, but i don't give up now :)

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