Hi from ... Mt Beauty - Aus

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Hi from ... Mt Beauty - Aus

Post by Hoek » Sat May 24, 2014 8:12 pm

:shock: Hi all, got my UP around Christmas time as they had a good package at the time and all my cost/feature/quality comparisons pointed to the Affinia/Up.

I've done a lot of 3D modelling with 3dsmax so that helped a lot in designing things. However I found out quickly measuring real life objects and translating them into a CAD package is easier said than done.

My first real project was a mount for my metal detector meter. Oddly there was no offical way to mount the meter (handy - not).


At the moment I have 2 Sony V1 DSC's I have made a mount for. The mount will allow me to mount the cameras back-to-back and take stereo images. It required 2 pieces that slide together and a mechanism to mount on a standard tripod. I'll grab my daughters camera some time and take a photo of the result. Just need a timing mechanism now to sync the 2 cameras.

Regards from Mt Beauty!

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