Hello from Romania

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Hello from Romania

Post by caesar » Sat Feb 22, 2014 9:40 pm

Hello all!

Got an UP! Mini a few weeks ago and it is perfect for fast and headache free quick prints.
Playing with ABS only, exactly for this reason.

I love this printer for its hassle free way of printing.
Although I have a second printer for big jobs, finer resolution and so on, I seem to favor the UP lately.

A few quick tips:
1) After using the perfboards for a few times, the ABS print will try to lift a corner. The perf board isn't shiny anymore and looses stickyness.
Using cheap hairspray on the perfboards will make all your ABS prints stick absolutely fine for another 4-5 prints.
Just pick the absolutely cheapest hairspray you can get, like 0,50$ for a 400ml can.

2) Keep your opened filament rolls in a closed box or closet together with a room moisture remover.
You will get perfect prints every time.

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