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Maryland --- Bought used Up Plus in Aug 2013

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:46 pm
Hi to all!
I am a Machinist of 30 years, a gadget junkie and computer nut. The UP Plus has been great, especially for a $800 purchase. It was lightly used and in like new shape.
I program and operate CNC Mills for a living, and managed to actually print a few useful things for my own use.
I use it at home on my home built Asus Rampage Formula III Motherboard, Intel 980X and 24 gig ram Windows 8.1 computer.
I did have the initial driver install problem with Windows 8.0 that took a little searching to figure out.
For the base plate I swapped mine out with a 1/4" thick piece of Mic 6 Aluminum Alloy Jig Plate. I also use a piece of G-10 and glue stick all the time with great results.
I bought the tempered glass plate from Octave but it cracked after not to many uses. The glue stick caused it to stick so tight and the larger prints must have put to much stress on the glass.
I still have 3 pieces of plate at work and if I ever get around to drilling and tapping the holes I will put on here a see if can get something. The Mic 6 is about $35 a sq ft, so one piece is about $9.
Happy Printing !