3DP-10-4a UP Mini extruder not working.

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3DP-10-4a UP Mini extruder not working.

Post by huttojb » Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:49 pm

Hey all

This is my first post (well my 2nd, but I have no idea on where my first one ended up).

I have acquired a Up Mini from work which had a few faults. I fixed all apart from one, the extruder isn’t extruding.

The extruder steeper motor is hot, the hot end gets up to temperature and it doesn’t seem to do anything. Not even the LEDs are coming on. Could this be, motor, wiring or PCB.

is there any basic test I can do, measure with a scope or do some swaps that will identify what’s the issue.

Can I purchase spares?


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