Please visit our new forum!

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Please visit our new forum!

Post by Jason-TT » Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:24 am

Hi Tiertime Community!

We are moving this forum to a new home.

The main goal of this relocation is to provide ONE community platform for all Tiertime products, including the UP Series, Cetus3D and professional X5 model.

All posts from Cetus3D forum will be moved to the new forum by using scripting programs automatically, but we are not so lucky to programmatically move the posts from Tiertime Forum, which is a shame, and we are sorry we can not do much about this. We recommend all the members here repost any posts that you would like to continue the discussion or start new topics. We can also help you do it if you think certain topics are worth preserving.

Why change the forum? First, we think our community are scattered and should be put into a unified platform to have more effective discussions and assistance for all our members. Secondly, the new forum we are using now is the popular Discourse system that provides better user experience, especially on the mobile side. So it will make posting and replying much easier and faster for all our community members.

For the future, the Cetus3D forum will be completely replaced by the new forum and the old Tiertime forum will be eventually sealed up, not allowing any new postings, but will be still existing for any references needed. The transitional period will be 3 months。

Please feel free to browse the new forum thru, and you can log in to the new system using your old credentials.

Post here if you have more suggestions, or ideas that you would like to share.

Thank you

Team Tiertime

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