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Support problems?!

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:18 pm
by tiertini
Dear all,

I sent a support request on the 19th to the tiertime support e-mail address
and sent a reminder on the 24th and did not get any feedback.

Is this the (non) service I need to expect from this company? Sadly I only find
a telephone number in the states, nothing else.


Re: Support problems?!

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:12 pm
by tiertini
The story continues:

After the support told me that the temperature of the heat bed on the Up Mini 2 ES will not increase above 60°C and that this
will be fine for ABS printing because it is a small base area and the printer is enclosed, I wrote a reply in asking how ABS shall be
printed when it needs at least 90°C to stick to the printbed I did not get a reply yet and of course I got warping when I wanted to print
a part with a big base area. I sent the mail on March the 3rd and still wait on a reply.

Next problem occurred today and made my printer completely unusable. Mac appstore asked me wether I want to upgrade to the next software version of UP Studio. Without considering the non-logic of the tiertime software development I upgraded to 2.6.0. Now when I want to send something to the printer it says that at least fw 1.4.4 on the printer is needed. I can download here fw 1.3.22 or 1.4.6. but not 1.4.4. How stupid are you to put customers into such a situation which are paying a hell of a lot
for this printer?????

In the software archive I only find 2.4. versions of the software for mac and not 2.5 version that I could downgrade to. Even better, I cannot find anywhere the compatible version of the up studio software for the printer beta fw 1.4.4..

Thanks guys for destroying my weekend with this shit!

So paying 800 bugs for this printer and then being left with no support, completely unusable software upgrade policies including a heatbed which will not make it past 60 °C is a complete non-usable product. I want my money back!

Re: Support problems?!

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:32 pm
by kevinmsgs
which printer did you get? i was trying to get one printer, shold i think twice before i pull the triger?