Special Edition Up Plus 2 2013

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Special Edition Up Plus 2 2013

Post by ikumajp » Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:24 am

This may sound Like a negative review but it is not!
The Up Printer is great and I am VERY HAPPY with it.
The reason this sound critical is because I love this printer and
I want to point out the weakness to have Improvement of the little things that annoys me.
Read till the end to see why.

My Special Edition Up Plus 2 came yesterday!
So I'll post a mini reviews and thoughts.


The Up Plus 2 Printer:
I am an up plus owner and now the Up Plus 2. I've only had my Up Plus 2
experience in 2 days. So this review may update
in time as I spent more time on the UP+2.

The build of the UP+2 is very stable, Like the previous predecessor,
It prints a little slow but the print quality is one of the best
in this price ranch and the biggest strength of the Up is it has
support material so it makes it easy to print better details.

The biggest changers are the auto platform and nozzle calibration.
Both are easy to use, except few minor mistakes which may be cause by user
and or manufacturer. Problems I had was when I first make a nozzle calibration,
I was alerted with an ERROR! with no explanation of any sort. I then had to
look online with no result but soon found that it was cause by cable
not plunged in to the end. I had to replug it with quite some force to have
it all the way in.

2nd was the platform calibration process. On the 6th click the clicker
and the hole (middle right) of the perf-board is identical, which results in
the clicker going into the hole partly.
I had to remember to adjust the pref-board slightly so the clicker won't
be distracted by the hole.

The Up Plus 2 prints faster than the Up Plus

Test printed my iPhone Case Part A here:
Up Plus : 0.15mm Fine most density = 1hour 45min
Up Plus 2 : 0.15mm Fine most density = 1hour 15min

but noisier in my opinion (barely noticeable but I have sensitive ears )
I also realize the Up Plus might prints cooler?
Since I do not have a proper way to measure temperature, I can only speculate.
Oh did I mention the beep is longer and louder now? I wish i can open it up and
put a speaker cover over it... Warranty seal sucks.

Special Edition:
My first impression on the special edition is
It's an regular Up Plus 2 with DI-NOC work done on it.
Now I am going to be hash on the DI-NOC work cause I myself am an
experienced DI-NOC user so please bear with me.


There is various types of Di-NOC. The type you use and the way you stick it
results in the longevity of the sheets it self. Di-NOC is usually not
very good in temperature changing environment even the outdoor type we
usually had to use specialize glue to make it last longer.

Now, with that said while I am pleased I've got a nice pattern
designed Up Plus 2, I am very VERY concern on the longevity of it.
Some of the parts are already having bubble and lifting up...
Di-NOC work need to be improve, In my opinion, the sheets will start
peeling in a year, which may result in horrendous sticky situation.


Rating (Full 5 Face, :D = 1 Full Face, :) = 1/2 a face) :
Up Plus 2 (compare with the Up Plus) :___ :D :D :D :D :)
Build :______________________________ :D :D :D :D :D
User Friendliness :____________________ :D :D :D :)
Special Edition :______________________ :D :D :)
Pattern Design :______________________ :D :D :D
Di- NOC Job :________________________ :D :D
Package (accessories) :________________ :D :D :D :D :D
Package (Shipment) :__________________ :D :D :D :D :D
Support :____________________________ :D :D :D :D :D

Overall : :D :D :D :D

The Overall Experience Used to be Excellent but with today's (2014/01)
standard, We need a bigger, same user friendly but open for thinker with
better eye candy which is not available by TierTime thus the -1 star.

Don't get me wrong, the UP PLUS2 Is still one of the best 3d printer AVAILABLE TODAY.
I would recommend the UP PLUS2 for any new user, the support alone is worth it.

BUT with the up coming printer we saw at CES and the new bigger printer that start with letter Z...
TierTime might need to innovate or risk drowning in the pool of (insert custom word here).

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