Octave grey part 1

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Octave grey part 1

Post by pilotltd » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:48 am

I did a print yesterday for a holder for cheap nail varnish bottles from ebay and it moved during printing. I wasn't watching it so decided to find the reason.

Here's the part
IMG_0473.JPG (186.17KiB)Viewed 3533 times
I had noticed that the grey seems a bit stringy and has seen some "snots" (building trade term for lumps of mortar sticking out on the inside of brick walls :)

I discovered when doing the first horizontal layer of the flat top it was leaving bits stuck up. The print head was hitting these and they were substantial enough to move the perfboard!

I decided to to some different temperature tests to see what effect that had.

225 C = really bad, but very easy to remove from raft.
P1000839.JPG (181.17KiB)Viewed 3533 times
230 C = still there and easy to remove from raft.
P1000840.JPG (187.57KiB)Viewed 3533 times
Won't let me add any more images :( continued in part 2


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