Test of Nylon

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Test of Nylon

Post by superace » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:42 pm

Hi all,

As some of you know I live in the land of plastics (China) and I have been lucky to find good cheap ABS. Now I thought I would go hunting for Nylon and other funny plastics. After some searching I scored Nylon 6 in different colors. For all you toxic sensitive people, just because I do this does not make it mandatory for you to copy and I have the temp modification so I am not using 260 degrees for this, more close to 230 actually. And the API index here is crazy every day so this will not kill me before the pollution gets me. I bought around 5kg, 3.5 yellow and the rest in blue and black. This factory also has polyethylene, polypropylene and Dyneema so when I am done testing this I will do the others also.

Testing has just started so this is a very early status report.

The yellow is 1.8mm, blue and black is 1.65mm in diameter. This is what the factory had in stock so I decided to test these first. Later I can get all colors in 1.8mm and this seems to fill the models better than the 1.65mm filament. No surprise there I guess.

With the pen-clip modification there are no feeding problems. But if you want to use Nylon do not cut the filament with a cutter because this will compress the filament and for sure it will not feed next time. Use a sharp knife and cut, probably a good tip for all filament.

Different colors are avaliable, for now I have blue, black and yellow.

Extremely flexible and durable prints, much stronger than ABS.

Price: 7 USD per KG, but I think I can get it for 4-5 USD per Kg if I order 10kg.

With the temp mod: Does not stink too bad but ventilation is a must.
Sticks to the raft like it was glued to it. Same with support structures.

And that is that for now.
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