Losing Connection during print 100% of the time

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Losing Connection during print 100% of the time

Post by dkane_inspired » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:26 pm


New to the forum. I've had an Up Plus 2 for a couple years now and for the last 8 months or so I've noticed it looses connection some time during the print ("Printer Not Connected" - see attached image). All prints have finished printing despite the connection loss, however recently on my last 4 prints the print x-y table has become frozen in place. The nozzle remains hot and just burns a hole in the part.

Not sure if the "Printer Not Connected" issue I mentioned and the x-y table freezing are related but with the x-y table freezing I cannot get any successful prints. Any ideas? I have updated to the latest software version and the problem persists. Has happened on multiple computers, multiple tiertime software versions, but all windows 10.

Edit: When printing the same part multiple times, it stops in the same exact spot every attempt.
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Re: Losing Connection during print 100% of the time

Post by TiertimeJoshua » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:28 pm


Please download the software again. Before you do this, make sure to check the compatibility chart located in the https://www.tiertime.com/downloads/software/

For UP Plus 2, the right version should be 2.5.

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Re: Losing Connection during print 100% of the time

Post by motoyoyo » Thu Oct 24, 2019 4:07 pm

My Up Plus 2 has been doing this for the past couple years too. It is most likely a hardware issue, but it does not seem to affect what is already printing at the time. I just reboot the machine after every completed part and it automatically reconnects without having to restart the software. I have been using my printer a lot since 2013 and it still prints well, other than the occasional spinout on the filament which requires starting over.

Update - Well, the next day I tried running some Glass Filled ABS, which is quite a bit tougher and rougher on the OD. Consequently, my drive gear took it's final breath on this material and would not print more than one inch before spinning on the filament. My Up Plus 2 would not run any normal ABS after this event, so I was looking at having to buy a new complete head unit. On a whim, I thought I would try making a .015" shim washer to fit under the drive gear housing in order to space out the filament a bit to engage some new gear teeth material, to get back to original drive gear dimensions.

To my surprise, and relief, this worked like a charm. I am now getting basically new performance out of my six year old Up Plus 2. As a side note, the printer no longer loses connection during printing. It seems that when the drive gear slightly loses traction on the filament, it also drops the connection with the printer. This may not be your specific problem, but it certainly is a factor in a dropped connection. I'm sure I will eventually have to purchase a new head unit, but for now I am back up and running like a new machine.

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