We are thrilled to announce that UP Studio App 2.0 for iPhone is available to download at Apple App Store. This update is aiming to provide more intuitive and convenient user experience for 3D Printing. 

Adopting red and white color theme marked its new era of UP Studio App that differentiates the client software on desktop computers.

There are three key upgrades that worth mentioning: 

1. User interface redesigned from scratch for Better User Experience.

We first tackled the most concerned problems among our community, the difficulties over connecting the printer and checking the current status of the printer. We introduced the one-click connect feature that allow users to connect the printer on the list by one simple click, and also one status button on the bottom status bar that users can click anytime to check the status.

2. User generated 3D models from 2D for various applications 

When it comes to actual control, we are keen on maximizing user's enjoyment of the APP. We introduced more application choices for users to generated 3D models from 2D designs. For instance, offering various pre-designed 3D models, such as a lamp and a picture stand, to embed a 3D model converted from 2D design or images. 

3. Cloud Support 

In App 2.0, we are offering 500 MB cloud storage space for all UPers to create truly cloud-based 3D printing environment. You can store your models in the cloud, and download it everywhere. After you log in to your personal account, the private models will be shown on top of the public models for your convenience.  

UP Studio App 2.0 for iPhone is a significant milestone in the Tiertime's history. We encourage you to download the App, and would love to hear your feedback! 


About Tiertime
Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (Tiertime) is an industry leader in 3D technologies and is proud to be Asia's biggest 3D printing solution provider in the global 3D printing market. Tiertime designs and manufactures the rapid-prototyping series Inspire and the award winning UP Family of Desktop 3D Printers on an industrial scale.

For more information, please visit official website Tiertime and the website for users of UP3D printers.

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